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Surfer Girls
Surf Girls by Mike Baird
Harmony Pit Stop
Harmony Outhouse by Kevin Cole
Cedar Waxwing - Cleve Nash
Cedar Waxwing by Cleve Nash
Earthly Images
Montana de Oro by Earthly Images
Maggie Smith
Double-crested, Brandt, and Pelagic Cormorants by Maggie Smith
Chuck Abbe
Back Tomorrow by Chuck Abbe
Frankie & Lolas
Best Breakfast Around!
1154 Front Street
For Dinner, Head to
Mis Lola's Southside Grill
Peregrine Falcon Image on Banner by Cleve Nash

Behind the Badge by Richard Hannibal

I readily admit I never liked working the graveyard patrol shift. I always considered it a crime against nature. The other night I woke up at 3:00 am. I was warm and snuggled in bed under my soft, down quilt. Thunder, lighting, and heavy rain pounded my bedroom window. It was one of those downpours that windshield wipers cannot clear.  Read More

Best Friends by Malcolm Riordan, DVM

It has always been of interest to me that some fellow humans seem possessed by dislike, fear, phobia, or outright hatred of cats. Looking around it seemed that the ideas and explanations – to me - clustered around four basic areas. The first three are familiar turf, but the last, reptilian brain-stem reaction was an interesting, valid sounding fresh idea. Read More

California State Parks

Mind Walks are lectures held in the Inn at Morro Bay (recently moved from the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History) every Monday morning.  In 2012, some of the talks will also be given on Saturday. Admission is free for members of the Central Coast Natural History Association.  Non-members must pay the standard Museum entry fee.  Read More

Double Vision by By Shana Ogren

How can a brain lose faith?  Is there a cranial lobe that guides our spirituality? There must be.  And in an accident I lost it. The seizure was bad.  The coma sucked.  The daily headaches broke me and required daily Vicodin.  But the worst result of getting a traumatic brain injury?  Read More

Feel Better Forever by Brian Dorfman

In this article I will present a case study of a woman whose Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was alleviated through the methods of massage, stretching and biomechanic adjustment that I outlined in my previous two entries – A New Perspective on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solutions. Read More

Go Green by Lawson Schaller

CSolar and wind seem to get most of the attention in the realm of renewable energies these days.  Geothermal (ground source) heat pumps generally get less exposure.  They are underground after all, but can be an attractive option for those wanting to cut energy usage.  Read More 

The Human Condition by John Bullaro

Where will you spend the rest of your life? Along the Central Coast, on a mountain top, traveling America in your RV? Maybe. The correct answer is the future. To paraphrase a local TV news channel, The Future Starts Now.   Read More

Medical Myth Busting by Dr. Steven Sainsbury

Small children are like human vacuum cleaners. Everything goes in their mouths - toys, coins, paper, plastic (along with some objects too disgusting to mention). I have often felt that if my own home vacuum was ever broken, I could just take any 1-2 year old toddler, hold him up by both legs, and scour my floors clean by walking him throughout the house. Read More

Observations of a Country Squire by George Zidbeck

Who knew the time? And why did I awaken? I had gone to bed about 9:30 PM, and certainly had slept soundly for a stretch of time. Then, the sound of a barking dog barely came through the double-pane windows of the bedroom.  Read More

Slo Coast Cooking by Elise Griffith

Instead of dinner out at a crowded restaurant this Valentine's Day, how about a preparing a special dinner in? Let's imagine your delectable meal is also chock full of vegetables, power-packed nutrition, and at the same time costs less than half the price of a high-calorie, high-fat dinner out. The following recipes use fresh produce that's locally "in season", including cool weather kale. Here's what Dr. Kathleen Zelman at has to say about kale . . . Read More

Surfing Out Of The Box by Katie Finley

So You Want to Marry a Surfer? There is a difference between people who surf and those who are true surfers. A person who surfs might be wearing the newest surfing fashion craze, but probably has not gotten in the water for weeks. A person who surfs likes to go to the beach to surf and to get a tan. A surfer, on the other hand, usually only goes to the beach to surf, and couldn't care less about what he looks like with zinc all over his face. A surfer is a person whose hair always smells like salt water because she is always in it—seriously. Read More

Under the Tongue by Christine Nielson

While logging into my Yahoo email account recently, I noted in Yahoo News a recently published study in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking. It reports that people who spent less time socializing with friends in cyberspace and more time socializing with them in real life were less likely to report they were unhappy.  Read More

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