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Yesterday 2000, Today 2012

by Jane Elsdon


About three months ago a sudden surge of determination took possession of me to go through all my old files and release the outdated and obsolete, and to simplify,
simplify, simplify. You wouldn't believe what I've unearthed, dislodged, and rediscovered. No. That's not true. I'm sure you would. Who hasn't had this experience? But what is true is that you might not believe how many papers and files a writer can accumulate.

In the process I came across a poem I started on December 31, 1999 when we kept the television on for nearly twenty-four hours, forgiving it everything because of the beauty, commonality, and promise it showed in our diverse world family. For that twenty-four hour turn of the clock it enthralled us with visions of our international kin all over the world celebrating the dawn of a new millennium, drawing us to a common portal where any sense of separation dissolved and the matchless feeling of oneness reigned.

Twelve years ago I started this poem by simply jotting down the images that came to me because I didn't want to lose those moments. They made the hair stand up all over my body and filled me with such a sense of unity that I felt it the entire time. Television lived up to its potential and I fell in love with it all over again. As I said, the poem is not yet finished. China and India haven't been included because some of my notes are still hiding in some remote niche. But I want to share it with you anyway, just as it is today, because it has given me that sense of time, slippery and illusive as mercury. Yesterday it was 2000. Today it is 2012. How could it be? So fast, so fast and twelve years have passed.

May this year bring to us greater possibilities and may we bring to it the dedication and intention to work together in cooperation to manifest those possibilities.

Ode to Television      —    December 31, 1999

Today you are central nervous system to the planet at the pinnacle of health.
Thanks to your infinite powers and potential, today you give life to the world of                                     
possibil  possibilities open to us --  a planetary village -- when we join in cooperation.

Today we submit with joy to your goodness.  Today you join hearts with the best in us,
inking us, the host of humanity, our brothers and sisters everywhere on the blue planet.
Today, in mere moments, you transport us around the world on your magical frequencies.

Today, we join Easter Island natives clad in grass skirts and loin cloths, bodies glistening                                   
win rev  with dance; in reverence we kneel to the promise of a new century.  We welcome a new                              
slate on which to write a greater story in the brilliance of sky celebrations in Australia.

At the foot of the acropolis, bathed in awe, we stand silently in the glow of the Parthenon.
In humility we pause with the throng in Vatican Square to receive the pope’s blessing.
At the foot of Moscow’s domed wonders we gather with hope, and a new sense of kinship.

Floodlights on the pyramids of Egypt hold us, united, in their mysterious thrall.
Music, the language of humankind’s heart, binds us together as, painted like
Picasso clowns, gaily we dance to Mardi Gras music in faraway Uruguay.

In a garden of wild color and grace, we dance the Matador Ballet in Argentina.
In a rain of fireworks, we become one with a chorus of 100 children of Chile.
In the harbor of St. John’s, Newfoundland, we cheer as above our heads gargantuan

blossoms of fire bloom.  With Diane Fossey we urge, “Rise, Africa, Rise!”
Amidst confetti clouds, eruptions of smoke, prayers burning the air, and the glittering
Waterford ball in Times Square descending, we join millions of partygoers to welcome

opportunity of a new tomorrow, a new year, a new decade, a new century, the eve of a
new millennium, and we breathe a simultaneous sigh of relief as Boris Yeltsin steps down.
We romp with revelers at Mexico City’s carnival, grow misty with the harmonic reminder:

“Love is All You Need.”  We rock with the Bee Gees and Elton John in the U.S.A.,
join jubilee creatures in a conga line in San Juan, Puerto Rico, then in a blink in the wake
of the worst natural disaster in their history, we join valiant white-clad Mestizos in Venezuela,

hushed in humility by their bravery, spirit, determination, their reaching out and sharing.
We marvel at Doctors Without Borders at work in Africa, join our Canadian kin to sing
The Hymn to Love in 2000, aglow with the festival lights of Montreal.

We join voices in mystical chant with an ecumenical gathering on the River Jordan shore
to witness the first baptism of the new millennium of Mary Anne, a child of hope.  We are
whisked to Israel for a concert at the Dead Sea, to “Ballet for Peace and a Better Future.”

For these precious fleeting hours all barriers become portals. Gateways. Promises. Portents.

Painting, titled Logjam, by Gene Elsdon
Monarch Butterfly Banner Image by Mike Baird
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