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Big Bad & Ugly Surf Contest
Big, Bad & Ugly Surf Contest 2009 by Kevin Cole

Morro Rock
Morro Rock by Dennis Young

USCG Surf Boat
USCG Surf Boats by Malcolm Riordan

Frankie & Lolas
Best Breakfast and Lunch Around!
1154 Front Street
For Lunch and Dinner, Head to
Mis Lola's Southside Grill

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Peregrine Falcon image on banner by Cleve Nash

Genie's Pocket by Jeanie Greensfelder

T0 2012

You burst from the starting gate
and though I pull on the reins,
I hang on for the ride,
longing for 1940's snail-pace years
when I wanted to be older, faster, sooner.

 Read More

Great Shots by Jerry Kirkhart & Steve Corey

Our photo editors bring you some of their favorite coastal images for the month. This month's featured local photographers are . See More

Morro Photo Expo

If you've been reading the Slo Coast Journal, you've seen the great opportunities for photography our area presents. If you're a new reader, check out the Great Shots section and you'll see what we mean!

Whether you're a skilled photographer or a beginner, you'll have the opportunity to hone your skills at the Morro Photo Expo, March 30-April 1 2012. This year's expo features 40+ events with 110+ hours of information-packed workshops, portfolio reviews, field trips, and social events. Read More

One Poet's Perspective by Jane Elsdon

About three months ago a sudden surge of determination took possession of me to go through all my old files and release the outdated and obsolete, and to simplify, simplify, simplify. You wouldn't believe what I've unearthed, dislodged, and rediscovered. No. That's not true. I'm sure you would. Who hasn't had this experience? But what is true is that you might not believe how many papers and files a writer can accumulate. Read More

Opera SLO by Kathryn Bumpass

Falling in Love with Opera is a video course on Bel canto (beautiful song) opera. It encompasses the operas of three great Italian opera composers - Rossini, Donizetti, and Bellini.  Bel canto emphasizes beauty of tone and mastery of technique with legato phrasing. The arias feature elaborate ornamentation — trills, runs, turns, roulades, staccato, rapid scales, brilliant cadenzas — in short, coloratura. The Bel canto era witnessed the rise to singing supremacy of the prima donna soprano and the virtuoso tenor." Read More

Shutterbugs featuring Devra Cooper

If you are hesitant about picking up a camera and becoming a shutterbug, feeling you just can't match what's going on in the Great Shots section, Devra Cooper should certainly be your inspiration for jumping right in and enjoying this fabulous hobby. She may not have the experience or the intense camera and lens obsession of many, but she has the eye for great shots. Read More


From War to Peace


Howard Ignatius
Valencia Peak Panorama by Howard Ignatius

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