Great ShotsFebruary 2012
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Selected by Jerry Kirkhart and Steve Corey
Clicking on any photograph will open a new window and take you to the original image, usually on Flickr.
Don HendersonPhoto by Don Henderson:     Dining in Dawn's Dazzling Light
Michelle MaaniPhoto by Michelle Maani:     Fly Away
Bill BoutonPhoto by Bill Bouton:     A little something you should know
Patrick JamesPhoto by Patrick James:     All I Ever Wanted
James "Dan" O'DonnellPhoto by James "Dan" O'Donnell:     Ice Study 07a
Dallis RichardsonPhoto by Dallis Richardson:     Sadie
Ronnie GoyettePhoto by Ronnie Goyette:     Owl
Gary PowellPhoto by Gary Powell:     Pipefish

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Western Tiger Swallowtail image on banner by Jerry Kirkhart.
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