It's Oour NatureMarch 2011
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Bobcat Near Harmony
Photo by Cleve Nash:            Bobcat
Photo by Cleve Nash: Bobcat
Snowy Egrets
Photo by Alan Schmierer: Snowy Egrets
Frankie & Lolas
Best Breakfast in Town!

A Bird's Eye View by Mike Stiles

Last month we talked about beginning birding, and some of the basics you might need to know when you first start looking at birds. This month I will give you a taste of some aspects of advanced birding, what the experts look at in the field.  Read More

Elfin Forest by Jean Wheeler

Equinox Walk:  At the start of spring—the spring equinox—day and night are each12 hours long and daylight will outlast night every day for the next six months. This year, spring equinox will be on March 20.  Dr. Jean Wheeler has taught thousands of geography students about the relative wanderings of the sun, moon, and earth and what they mean to us in terms of our climates, tides, and to the vegetation and animal life around us. She'll show us how large our seasonal differences in sun angle are and how far south or north of due west to look for sunsets from Bush Lupine Point or Siena's View at various seasons of the year.   Join us to celebrate the beginning of Spring!   Read More 

Marine Sanctuaries by Carol Georgi

We depend on public agencies to provide and protect clean drinking water. Yet California agriculture rarely controls their water pollution. If not now, when will agriculture stop polluting our ground water, rivers, lakes, and ocean? Agricultural water pollution threatens our drinking water, our seafood, marine life and habitat, our fishing industry, and our water recreation. Read More

Nature's Voice by Michele Oksen

Are you one of those people who love all the green grasses that cover our SLO coast hillsides this time of year? Those of us who are fortunate enough to live here know how to enjoy the soothing sight of the lushness while it lasts. When we have occasion to drive along any of our local highways we can't help but take inventory of the green as it all too soon turns to the color of a golden Palomino. Read More

Ocean Creatures

A truly miraculous fish, salmon are an important source of spiritual and physical sustenance for Northwest Native American Indian tribes, Canada's First Nations, as well as many other residents of the Northwest. Popular as a valued seafood, salmon and their habitats must be sustained and, in many cases, restored. Read More

Sweet Springs Reflections by Holly Sletteland

We had quite a turnout at our restoration party this past month with over 50 volunteers!  A good many of those volunteers were from the Cal Poly chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, the largest collegiate fraternity in the country.  Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed fraternity whose primary focus is to provide volunteer service within four areas: service to the community, service to the campus, service to the fraternity, and service to the nation as participating citizens.  And provide a community service they did! Read More

Kevin Cole
Photo by Kevin Cole:      
F emale Elephant Seals in
dispute over space .

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Peregrine Falcon image on banner by Cleve Nash
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