It's Oour NatureFebruary 2011
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Bobcat Near Harmony
Photo by Cleve Nash:            Bobcat

Photo by Cleve Nash:              Bobcat

Snowy Egrets
Photo by Alan Schmierer:    
Snowy Egrets

Frankie & Lolas
Best Breakfast in Town!

A Bird's Eye View by Mike Stiles

During four days of leading field trips for the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival I was asked some great questions by beginning birders. It brought back memories of my early days, seeing these neophytes struggle to identify small, fast moving birds, often high overhead in the trees. I will try to answer some of those questions here. I only wish I would have known some of these tips early in my birding career.  Read More

Elfin Forest by Jean Wheeler

For our annual Fungus Foray in the Elfin Forest, intrepid leader and fungophile Dennis Sheridan will take us on an exploration of the Elfin Forest floor for wood bluetts, black elfin saddles, earthstars, golden caps, boletes, poisonous amanitas and many other fascinating fungi.  Bring a magnifying lens and, if you have a mystery mushroom in your yard, bring a sample for Dennis to identify.  Read More 

Marine Sanctuaries by Carol Georgi

Freshwater is precious, yet we manage freshwater by promoting one-time use, then divert the used water to the ocean, often polluting our ocean and beaches.  When it rains, we use gutters and hard surfaces to rush the water to the ocean, often causing flooding, instead of directing run-off to natural watersheds and water storage containers. When water is scarce, we seek to purchase more from other cities, and we think of building a desalination plant. We can do better. We can have more freshwater and cleaner oceans and beaches. We need to understand how to better manage freshwater and wastewater. Read More

Nature's Voice by Michele Oksen

They are the woodlands enchantresses. They seduce the mind. They beckon the will. They are special trees, better known as Bay Laurels. Not only do Bay Laurels' beauty and aroma arouse the senses, their hearts inspire craftsmanship worldwide. Read More

Sweet Springs Reflections by Holly Sletteland

Since this is my debut into writing for the SLO Coast Journal, a few words of introduction are probably in order.  I manage the nature preserves for Morro Coast Audubon Society, including Sweet Springs and the Audubon Overlook in Los Osos.   I imagine that I already know many of you, as one of the nice aspects of working out there is I get to meet a lot of people who come for a stroll or to say hello to the ducks or just sit and look out at the bay.   I also get to meet a lot of wonderful volunteers who come out to lend nature a helping hand. Read More

Kevin Cole
Photo by Kevin Cole:      
F emale Elephant Seals in
dispute over space .

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Peregrine Falcon image on banner by Cleve Nash
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