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Issue #8
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Surfer Girls
Photo by Mike Baird:     Surf Girls

Harmony Pit Stop
Photo by Kevin Cole: Harmony Outhouse

Morro Bay in B&W
Photo by Chuck Abbe: Morro Bay in B&W

Cedar Waxwing - Cleve Nash
Photo by Cleve Nash:        Cedar Waxwing

Earthly Images
Photo by Earthly Images: Montana de Oro

Maggie Smith
Photo by Maggie Smith: Three Cormorants - Double-crested, Brandt, and Pelagic

Chuck Abbe
Photo by Chuck Abbe: Back Tomorrow

Adventures in Fitness by Chuck Abbe

Last month I outlined the advantages of working out at a gym.  Advantages are many, but not everyone has the opportunity to go to a gym for their workouts.  For some it's about money, for others it may be distance or maybe you just don't feel comfortable working out where other people can observe you.  So lets talk about  how you can get great workouts at home. Read More

Best Friends by Malcolm Riordan, DVM

In 1989 The Lancet medical journal published the findings of dermatologists that showed dogs could be trained to recognize malignant melanomas and basal cell carcinomas on the skin of human patients - even through the patient's clothing.  It had all begun when a patient told her doctor that the family dog seemed overly interested, even obsessed with a particular mole on her leg. This somehow had gotten her in to the doctor to have it checked. A malignant melanoma in its earliest stage was diagnosed and removed before it had spread. Both the dog's owner and her dermatologist credit the dog for quite likely saving her life with the early detection.  This turns out to be but an entry level observation in the medical field learning about dogs' ability to detect cancers. Read More

Body, Mind, Spirit by Nancy Ballinger

Asteya is the Sanskrit word expressing the universal spiritual principle of non-greed or non-stealing. It is one of the restraints practiced in the 8 limbs of yoga, and encourages us to refrain from taking what is not ours and to be grateful for and generous with what we have. To practice Asteya is to dwell in the contentment of the completeness of Self. In this state we don’t need anything external to complete us or make us happy because we know the Source of true peace is within. Read More

Community Calendar

Want to get out and have some fun? Find out what's going on. Read More

Critter Care by Elizabeth Henderson

Wascally Rabbits

Rabbits come in a wide range of sizes and colors. They are intelligent, social, and interesting animals. As with any pet, rabbits require a time commitment, living quarters, veterinary care, toys, and nutritious food. Rabbits can make excellent, long lived pets provided they are given the proper environment and care. Because they are naturally prey animals, they may frighten easily making them a poor choice as pets in homes with children under the age of seven.

Get Involved

California State Parks is looking for a few actors and actresses interested in portraying the ranching and/or Native American history of Montana de Oro State Park. Read More

Let's Go Green by Lawson Schaller

Urine sequestration - this is an idea some may consider to bet pushing the envelope. Having written a recent column on composting toilets brought no complaints that I'm aware of. Perhaps I should start this month's column out with the disclaimer . . . "this does not necessarily reflect the views of our sponsors, publishers etc., etc." Then again, maybe it does? (Note from the editor: It does.) Read More

Medical Myth Busting by Dr. Steven Sainsbury

Here on the Central Coast, poison oak is rampant. It grows like a weed, and can be found along stream beds and hiking paths, on hillsides, and even in your own backyard. Poison oak's cousins, found farther east, are poison ivy and poison summac—few of us have escaped its wrath. Read More

Meet the Neighbors

Don is celebrating his 90th birthday this month. While he wouldn't declare his plans for this milestone event, he did tell me his plans for his sister-in-law's 84th birthday. Don, sporting a helmet and goggles, will be hopping into her Harley Davidson touring motorcycle's sidecar for a ride from Santa Cruz to Moonstone Beach. Read More

Morro Musings by Janice Peters

The idea for Morro Bay's annual Fundraiser Follies originated in 2007, when the City, due to budget constraints, could no longer provide free support services for local events. Variety show fundraisers have been successful for years in San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande and Cambria, and since I'd participated in the Women's Shelter show at the Madonna Inn for several years, I was familiar with the format and thought it would work on a smaller scale in Morro Bay. Read More

Surfing Out Of The Box by Paul Finley

Surfing is something that confuses me many times.  I will sit and stare at the ocean.  I will watch waves roll through and surfers ride them with their endlessly unique styles and board shapes and sizes, and I think to myself, "It is just so amazing that we can do this." Read More

Wilderness Mind

When was the last time you removed your shoes and socks and walked barefooted in a stream? Recalled your inner child that sat by a roaring campfire, roasted a hot dog, and laid on your back and looked skyward to see cloud pictures? Would you enjoy paddling a canoe across a placid lake and eating lunch on a far shore? If the thought of these past and present adventures seem appealing, read on. Read More





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