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Art by Phil Meyer
Artwork by Phil Meyer


The whole of you is never visible,
half of you out of sight.
Presumably you’re all there,
but what haven’t I imagined?


We both bathe, preen, feed, prattle, and rest.
Arms outstretched I mimic you, my reach
a few feet short of your nine-foot wingspan.
You fledge at six months; Eighteen years for me.
You live to about sixty. I gotcha there.
You glide at fifty-five miles per hour.
I walk at three. Eighty-nine of you
in California, 36,000,000 of us.

We won’t go into what we eat, but both
will travel 150 miles a day for a good meal.
You’re not as thrilled to see me in Big Sur
as I am to see you, Condor #51.


Other-worldly, orange-umbrella bodies
billow against a cobalt-blue background:
jellyfish mesmerize disbelieving crowds
at the Monterrey Aquarium.

Morro Bay’s high tide delivers
the dashing dancers to our wharf:
whoosh, surge, whorl,
right here in our world.

Jeanie Greensfelder

by Jeanie Greensfelder

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Still dark, snow falls in Madison,
We head home to Hermosa Beach.
An old man trudges into our hotel.
I ask if he’s our taxi. He doesn’t hear,
just lugs our luggage to his Cadillac.

In the rear view mirror, his frozen features,
filled with a lifetime of feelings,
make me want to take him along,
place him under a palm tree, thaw him,
find the father I never knew.




A startling stalk, a volunteer,
a four-inch bloom about to burst.
Once open, honeybees buzz,
gather a gold mine of pollen,
specks, held by back legs.

Small star-florets spiral
from the center, drop away,
unveil a web of seeds.

Finches feast,
as the Aztec and Inca
solar deity shines.


I’ve been married and divorced,
married and divorced,
married and divorced,
married and divorced,
married and divorced,
five times. Single now,

and due for a bypass.
My heart needs fixing.




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