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"A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps, both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance. And a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." Robert McChesney

lineMountain Lion

By Richard Hannibal, Retired Police Sergeant

In recent weeks, the media has reported several mountain lion (cougar) sightings on our Central Coast. There are dozens of sightings each year, especially in the summer months. The abundance of water and deer is what draws mountain lions to our urbanized areas. The latest sightings were in the hills above north Morro Bay, around the 2300 block of Nutmeg Avenue. There have also been sightings in the hills above Cayucos and the Lodge Hill area of Cambria. The drought has dried up the normal water sources and neighbors in the area think the cats are coming down to drink water from horse and cattle troughs.

These beautiful critters are definitely around. I recall one day on patrol a couple years ago and saw a mountain lion trotting parallel to me in the hills above north Morro Bay.

At one point it ran and I was amazed at its speed. I later learned they could run 40 mph. 

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife consider mountain lions to be "specially protected mammals." You need good cause and a permit to kill one, unless of course in self-defense. There are an estimated 4,000 to 6,000 Mountain Lions living in California. They average eight feet in length, half of which is their long tail. They measure about two to three feet tall; weigh 115-200 pounds for the male, 65-145 pounds for the female.

A  carnivorous predator, they are one of natures most perfect killing machines. Read More

Jack McCurdy

Primary Elections Going on Voters Block

by Jack McCurdy

Morro Bay voters have faced primary elections for the past eight years, and many are fed up with having to vote in June for City Council candidates and then possibly again at the subsequent November election if no candidates win a majority of votes cast in the primary. It can add up to the better part of a year in campaigning if candidates need to run in the primary and then in the November election. That's too much and unnecessary, many residents and some City Council members have concluded. So the majority of the Council — Mayor Jamie Irons and Council members Christine Johnson and Noah Smukler are submitting a ballot measure in November, giving voters the option of keeping primaries in Morro Bay or dropping them. Fact is Morro Bay is the only city in the county that has primaries and for community activist John Barta and Council members Nancy Johnson and George Leage that's fine and voters don't need to be asked if they want primaries to continue. Read More

Cambria CSD Suspends Non-Potable Water Distribution

Service at Rodeo Grounds Stops As District Gauges Impact of Pumping on Downstream Monitoring Well

Submitted by Cambria CSD - The Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors has voted to suspend the distribution of non-potable water at its Rodeo Grounds property until at least Aug. 4, 2014, the date of its next meeting. It is taking this action primarily to test whether the pumping of water from the SR-1 well along Santa Rosa Creek is lowering levels at a downstream monitoring well, Windsor Bridge East (WBE). Read More

Maturity, Part One

by George Zidbeck

Presenting the chronology of my eighty-three years for your consideration, I'd fail if I tried to claim that the first quarter of my lifetime behavior warrants your approval. Part of my 'miracle' in 'growing up' flowed not from what I did at what age, but how I meandered through episodic tom-fooleries and criminal acts, yet emerged unscathed without court sanctions.

While still pre-school, I recall walking about my home where a long building held garage/storage units. One unit had a brass lock opened, left dangling from the hasp. No adult stood close. I saw the item worthy of taking home as a prize of my solitary expedition. Either the owner saw me, or somebody told him I had taken the lock. I have the vague recollection of a grown man confronting my mother at our back door, and faulting me for stealing his possession. My mother did not spank me, but explained the basics of property ownership. Her advice carried me for at least the next seven or eight years. Read More


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Primary Elections Going on Voters Block by Jack McCurdy

Cambria CSD Suspends Non-Potable Water Distribution

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