April 2014
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Welcome to the Slo Coast Journal. Published monthly, the Journal brings you information about California's Central Coast and surrounding area.
"Outside of a dog, a book is Man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. - Groucho Marx
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June 3 Morro Bay City Primary: Who's Running?
by Jack McCurdy

Those who sought to recall mayor Jamie Irons over the past six months — and failed miserably — now will surely focus on defeating his bid for reelection at the Morro Bay city primary election on June 3. Read More

Peru Adventureby Don Henderson

It’s one thing to have a dream of visiting a foreign country like Peru and its Inca ruins at Machu Picchu, but to have the opportunity presented to you to take such a trip is extraordinary. This is exactly what happened when Alice Cahill, my wife, was chosen the Grand Prize Winner in the 2012 Audubon Photo Contest.

Alice's image of a Red-shafted Northern Flicker, photographed leaving its nest hole in Montana de Oro State Park, was chosen from over 6,600 entries submitted by 900 photographers. The award included five nights at three different locations arranged through Inkaterra, a Peruvian eco-tourism company with over 35 years experience. We added a day at each location and Alice did all the arrangements by e-mail over an eight month period. We were able to fulfill her dream. Read More

Pismo Preserve Opportunity

While driving past Shell Beach, have you ever wondered about those grassy hillsides that rise almost 1000 feet above the ocean? The east end has the homes of Pismo Heights climbing up the hill. When will homes spread west across those hillsides? The answer to this question is: "Never" if the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County (LCSLO) is successful in raising the money to acquire this spectacular property. Read More

Morro Bay Visit a Big Hit on Discover America Road Trip

Lunch aboard the Papagallo II while touring the bay was a high point for Japanese visitors on a sightseeing trip along the California coast. Read More


Great Blue Heron Image on Banner by Nan Carder. All Content Copyright Slo Coast Journal and Individual Writers.

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State's Solar Power Hits Record by Jack McCurdy

Jack McCurdy

Solar power production in California hit a record high of 4,093 megawatts on March 8, keeping the state as the largest producer of solar power in the nation and
raising questions about the need for energy from the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, which can pose dangers to people living nearby. Read More

Future of Power Plant Faces City by Jack McCurdy

The Morro Bay City Council is ready to tackle initial planning of the Morro Bay Power Plant's future by starting the process of updating the city's Local Coastal Program, which governs use of the plant site. The update process can be complex and time-consuming, but eventually it will open the door to the best possible use of the 107-acre power plant site after more than 25 years of failure to update the document that controls how that beautiful 107 acres on the north shore of the Morro Bay National Estuary is used. Read More

New Study Cites Added Danger of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant by Jack McCurdy

The health of people living around the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant has declined dramatically since its reactors were activated some 30 years ago, and the teeth of some babies in those families have now been found to contain Strontium-90, a radioactive isotope or element, all according to a new study reported in a recent article in Truthout, an independent nonprofit news organization. Read More

Deadly Analysis: Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Seismic Hazards
by Lee Andrea Caulfield

In the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan scientists have been investigating a potentially dangerous fault system near Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCNPP). As reported by Susanne Rust of California Watch , "while PG&E maintains the Hosgri fault is too small to threaten the aging plant, some government scientists suspect the fault acting with others in the region could produce an earthquake much more powerful than the plant was built to withstand." Read More


Shutterbugs by Catherine Ryan Hyde

I like the fact that this feature is called Shutterbugs, because I can embrace that label more easily than "photographer." I figure I spend enough time behind the lens of a camera to qualify as a shutterbug. I guess I could use the same logic to call myself a photographer, too, but I'm careful to note I'm not a professional one. I write fiction as a profession, and take photos just as a way of sharing observations. This is not false modesty. It's a kind of realism. I look at the work of professional photographers, and I know they're doing something I'm not. Read More

Avila Beach Designated Bird Sanctuary

Morro Bay was declared a bird sanctuary in 1970. Now there is a new bird sanctuary joining the central coast. Avila Beach is the newest bird sanctuary in California. Read More

Kite Festival Returns to Morro Bay April 26-27

Kite Festival

The sky around Morro Rock will be bursting with color as the 8th annual Morro Bay Kite Festival flies into town April 26-27. This free, family event offers great entertainment for all ages as professionals and amateurs, children and adults show off their kite-flying skills. 

 Teams of kite-flyers and kite-dancers from around the country will amaze the crowd with choreographed kite routines set to music. Read More

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Avila Beach Designated Bird Sanctuary
Deadly Analysis: Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Seismic Hazards Lee Andrea Caulfield
Future of Power Plant Faces City by Jack McCurdy
June 3 Morro Bay City Primary: Who's Running by Jack McCurdy
Kite Festival Returns to Morro Bay April 26-27
Morro Bay Visit a Big Hit
New Study Cites Added Danger of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant by Jack McCurdy
State's Solar Power Hits Record by Jack McCurdy

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