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Welcome to the Slo Coast Journal. Published monthly, the Journal brings you information about California's Central Coast and surrounding area.
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"Take risks. If you win, you will be happy. If you lose, you will be wise." Unknown

Pecho Ranch Day

Pecho Ranch Day, an annual event that has been held at Montana de Oro State Park in the past in July, is being rescheduled to Saturday, Septeptember 13 to take advantage of warmer fall weather.  This event focuses on pioneer ranching history, native plants, and more.  Further information will be available later in the summer.  Read More

Maturity, Part Two

by George Zidbeck

An all too common admonition to young ones from adults: "Oh, grow up."

Nothing at all wrong with such advice, but adulthood doesn't deliver maturity by virtue of aging. Nor does everyone fit the ideal role model. Fully mature persons desire to speak from an honest base, to accept responsibility for their acts, and to strive in a selfless manner to make the world a better place for everyone. Nevertheless, mature individuals do not huddle en masse — leaving no space for ne'er-do-wells, misfits, grifters, scoundrels, and no-goodniks of multiple backgrounds and persuasions. To each age, criminals attach.

In Part One last month, I introduced myself when caught in a serious felony — picking the pocket of a man in San Antonio, Texas while stationed in Fort Sam Houston. I was 19, and had just returned from a one-month furlough in California. Read More


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Jack McCurdy

New MB Water/Sewage Plant Delayed

by Jack McCurdy

Morro Bay is faced with urgency to create a new source of community water as state water supplies are drying up fast, but it is taking time to decide how, when and where to develop that invaluable new source as a state drought spreads and the state calls for sharp reductions in water use by cities like Morro Bay. The City Council is looking at a range of options to get more water locally, but it is taking more time than expected to fill the city's needs because alternatives now include the city's own water reclamation facility as well as a regional project that may save money but take longer to develop than can be afforded. Read More

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant on the Brink

by Jack McCurdy

The Diablo Canyon nuclear plant may be on the brink of closure after a top Nuclear Regulatory Commission executive, who has been lead inspector at the plant, called for a shutdown of the plant until its safety status can be determined. He did so in a report to the Commission that had been kept secret by the agency for more than a year until it was leaked and widely circulated last week, prompting calls for the plant to cease operations and planned hearings on the status of the plant by a Senate committee.  Read More

Morro Bay Water Odor, Taste Strike Out

by Jack McCurdy

Morro Bay was hit earlier last month with an upsurge of elevated bad taste and odor in city water used to drink, wash,  or irrigate. But the "musty and/or earthy taste and odor" in the water reportedly had "greatly diminished" by the middle of last week due to carbon treatment of state water by the Central Coast Water Authority (DDWA), which provides that water to Morro Bay and other local communities that also may have experienced the same water problems.  Read More

Cambria Continues Water Conservation Streak With Another Record Low

Consumption in July, Normally Peak Month of Year, Was 44% Below Long-
Term Average and 9th Lowest of Any Month Since Records Began

Cambria, CA – The Cambria Community Services District today reported water production totals for July 2014, showing another sharp drop in usage from prior years and historical averages. Read More


by Joyce Cory

The Deception Pass Bridge in Washington State is a two-lane bridge connecting Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island. It was a Public Works Administration project built by workers from the Conservation Corps. See More

In honor of a favorite actor / comedian / and beloved man, Robin Williams.
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